year 42

Aah, here I am at year 42 of my life. So much has happened since the beginning of 2016. Most I can’t even fathom, but it’s here in my now. I need to  be strong and patient. I know these are blessings in disguise and that someday I will be grateful for the pain.

I started reading this book called Desire Map by Danielle Laporte  and it got me thinking, which got me reflecting these past days to focus on me. What do I want? What do I need? and most importantly, How do I want to feel? everyday when I wake up, in the middle of the day,  when I go to bed, after every meal, after running errands how do I always want to feel? How do I make it happen? So here’s what I came up with… kind of like a new year’s resolution if you will or life mission statement. I’ve only scratched the surface and I still need to do a lot of digging and a deep dive in my soul. I’m not getting any younger and it’s time I need to start putting myself first. I feel I just began my journey through self-discovery. Surely it will be a bumpy journey, but it will be well worth it.

All meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside and works it’s way outward.


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